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Super Eagles Player Alex Iwobi – I’m still learning how to dance Shaku Shaku



Alex Iwobi, who is with the squad in Fifa World Cup in Russia currently has answered some fun questions in a short BBC Africa video.

Special goal

My goal for Nigeria versus Zambia (Iwobi scored the winner against Zambia in Uyo, the goal that sealed the Super Eagles Russia 2018 World Cup ticket).

Favourite boy band

Kelechi (Iheanacho) has some low-key songs. I’d probably have (Ikechukwu) Ezenwa on the chorus or something like that.

Favourite Okocha goal

It has to be against Middlesbrough. He bent it in. I was with dad that day and it was amazing.

Best dressed: you or Aubameyang?

I believe I’m the best dressed. He’s a bit too flash. I don’t really like too much flash.

Weirdest item from a camp mate

Kelechi actually brought a microwave when we were in London, of all things. But I found it useful because he was in my room and we could warm up our food.

Barcelona or Real Madrid on FIFA 18


Best and worst roommates

Both have to be Kelechi. He has this tendency to be late and I don’t like to leave him behind because we’re roommates and I feel we’re in this together. But at the same time, he’s fun, he’s always enjoyment. He’s the best and the worst at the same time.

The most difficult dance move

ShakuShaku. I’m still learning it and I have to learn it before the World Cup by force. I’m still learning the footwork.

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Nollywood Actress, Nkiru Sylvanus – I’ve never been married..looking for a man to marry me now



Popular ‘Nollywood Cry Girl’, Nkiru Sylvanus who is the former Imo State Government Liaison Officer recently delved into music with a new album titled ‘I’m not Afraid.’

She tells The Nation’s DUPE AYINLA-OLASUNKANMI that she is set to take her musical career as serious as she does her acting. She also talks on other sundry issues

You recently released an album, ‘I’m not Afraid’. What is the idea behind the title?

It simply means that I am not afraid of the powers that be. I am not afraid to express my commitment to God, I am not afraid to let the world know I stand with Christ. It’s about time we took the kingdom work more seriously.

What is the album content like?

The album is a bold step at bringing out one of my gifts, which is singing, and it is already on different online platforms. The 15-track album was released on March 25, 2018, by the Record Label, Kisil Entertainment Network.

It has songs like Imela, I Cry to You, Authority, Chukwu Obioma, Awesome God and I’m Not Afraid, featuring Ifunanya. I will begin the first leg of my media tour in Lagos.

With the release of your album, will you be putting movie aside?

They are all art and entertainment, they marry each other, and they complement each other. For me, going into gospel music is a passion that has been subdued for too long and it’s about time I came out and used the talent for the purpose it was given. None will give way to each other but I hope and pray to use both well.

How do you intend to push yourself with gospel music, especially considering that you don’t have a strong stand against secular music?

Gospel is gospel. I am not competing with anyone; all I pray for and would work towards is to create my own space. Whether secular or gospel, we all have a message to deliver; how you deliver yours is what matters.

How long do you intend to pursue music as a career?

I wish for this to last as long as my breath can take me, hence I am taking it easy because I plan to stay here long enough and be able to give out a quality message while doing the work of my Father in heaven.

Having been off the movie scene for a while, how do you think people will react to the new you?

I have always been with the people and amongst the people. And I wouldn’t say I’ve been off the screen because I still do movies. But you can say that you haven’t been seeing me quite often. Right now, I am back full time, because that is my first love.

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What kept you busy while you were off the movie scene?

It’s been work, work, and work. For me, there is never a dull moment. I’m one who always wants to engage myself positively. I do not have time to show off or stories. I just work.

Tell us about working as a public servant to the people of your state

I grew up with working for the public because entertainment is for the public. For me, it wasn’t anything exextraordinaryIt was discharging my duties in a different form to the public and taking orders, putting in my best as I would every other thing I venture into.

Why haven’t you been functional in movies like in the past?

I never left the scene in the first place.

Like most of your colleagues are doing, do you harbour any plan to become producer too?

I am a producer already and I have produced some movies and will keep producing more. I have my own entertainment company.

Was being typecast o one of the reasons you took a break?

I don’t understand this, because I got my break in the industry with my first major work.

There have been several reports on you being married. Is there any truth to those reports?

We need to ask the rumour mongers because I am as confused as you are. It’s all rumours from idle people. It’s all lies. For me, my private life is my personal affairs. So whatever decision I take tomorrow, it’s totally my responsibility. If it turns sour, I face it alone and if it turns sweet, I face it. It’s my life. I do what makes me happy. I’ve been married on the internet more than three times! They first got me married in 2008, then they got me married again in 2011 and then they got me married again in 2014/2015. I’m beginning to ask, why do they like to get me married? If I was already married in 2008 and in 2011, why again should I be getting married in 2015? That means they were all lies. It’s all rumours. Some people will report this stuff like they know you when they only see you on TV.

But there were reports that you got married to your colleague’s hubby?

Which colleague? Because the last time I checked I am not married to anybody’s husband.

It is believed that you got your political appointment because of your personal relationship with the governor. And you left because of his wife. How true is this?

The appointment is like employment. You are employed to work, not to sit and eat. You work to put food on your table and also acquire more knowledge. An appointment isn’t an achievement that one would sit back and beat his chest to say I have arrived. What could be so special with ‘come and work’ that people will make so much fuss about it? We should focus our energy on more productive things. My boss is my boss, nothing more and the wife is like a mother to me.

What is your reaction when you come across these stories?

I don’t pay attention to things that don’t add value to me, so I barely notice them.

What then is holding you back from taking the marital vows?

It will happen in due time, and when the time comes it won’t be a hidden affair; you will all be invited. When the right man comes calling and if I’m satisfied within my soul that this is the man I’m going to spend the rest of my life with. I’ve worked hard as a young lady that, right now, I don’t want just any man but a man that will be there for me. A lot is being said about me, and I know.

What would you say you achieved while serving as Senior Special Assistant to the Governor of Imo State?

I would say more knowledge and a better understanding of how government works in Nigeria. It’s an experience I would advise everyone who can to try so that they can understand the system well and not allow themselves to always be pushed around by all these power hungry individuals roaming the street and feeding us with lies.

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Nigerian Singer Banky W – ‘Ebuka Obi-Uchendu is Nigeria’s best dressed man’



Banky W, says his bosom friend, TV Personality, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu,  is “unarguably the best-dressed man in Nigeria”. He made this assertion in an article that was written about Obi-Uchendu titled ‘The Other Winner of Big Brother Naija’.

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In the article, Banky W talks about how Obi-Uchendu’s fledgling brand received a huge boost from hosting the reality TV show for the second straight year.

Obi-Uchendu, who ranked eighth in the first edition of Big Brother Naija, often turned out in dapper outfits whenever he stepped out to present the eviction show on Sundays.

Obi-Uchendu, who ranked eighth in the first edition of Big Brother Naija, often turned out in dapper outfits whenever he stepped out to present the eviction show on Sundays.

His outfits resulted in Twitter meltdowns and countless hashtags.

Commenting on his fashion flair, Banky W wrote;

“I believe it’s fair to say that Ebuka is unarguably the best dressed Man in Nigeria, and possibly Africa. When you think of TV show hosts, even the extremely accomplished ones like American Idol’s Ryan Seacrest… you never really notice their style. They tend to blend into the show and become a part of the fabric; Ebuka, on the other hand, doesn’t blend in, and doesn’t just stand out… he shines. He has completely shattered the TV presenter mould; viewers look forward to the weekly Sunday Eviction shows to see who was getting kicked out, but also just to see what Ebuka wore.

“This is because he has a singular transformative immediate and long-lasting impact on their market. Case in point: Circa “#BAAD2017”, Designer Ugo Monye had less than 4k followers, and was reportedly charging an at-best modest amount for a very innovative take on the “Agbada”; he had, in fact, displayed that style of Agbada for over 6 months, with very little fanfare or success. And then Ebuka wore it. What happened next is astonishing: the designer’s followers got up to 30k in the first 24 hours, and now sits north of 75,000. The same could be said about his revenue. That Agbada style was sold for N50,000 prior to Ebuka wearing it. And now? The very same Agbada will require you to shell out $1,000 USD. I call that ‘The Ebuka Effect’.”

Obi-Uchendu was one of the groom’s men at the wedding of Banky W to actress Adesua Etomi.

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Yvonne Nelson shades Moesha Boduong – I don’t date people because of money



Famous Ghanaian actress and movie producer, Yvonne Nelson, has disclosed in an interview with Joy FM that the main reason why she is always working hard is not to depend on any man for her upkeep.

Recall that a viral video showing curvy actress Moesha Boduong speaking in an interview with CNN’s Amanpour sparked a huge controversy in Ghana and Africa at large.

In the video, Moesha Boduong spoke of Ghanaian women depend on men for thier survival and that she is sleeping with her current man because he can afford to pay her bills.

However, Yvonne Nelson has shown that she is quite different from such women. When asked if she will prefer a richer man over Jamie, she said:

If it were a wealthy or richer man, it’s easy for some of us but it’s not about that. Why do I have to work hard? I would work hard and look for a man with money. I don’t need a man to feed me and pay my bills every day…”.

“With Jamie, it’s been, pure love. Don’t date people because of money. He might not even respect you and you can’t question them. They pay your bills and you shut up…”

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