King’s Son Who Was Killed In Police Custody Undergoes Autopsy (Disturbing Photos)

According to reports from a reliable source, the autopsy that was carried out on Prince Kelechi Ineke, the son of Abaomege king who died in a tragic manner while in police custody in Abaomege, Onicha L.G.A of Ebonyi state – shows that he was allegedly killed inside police cell following a problem with D.P.O’s son.

Prince Ineke, was reportedly arrested for fighting with Ufem Umet Ekwe, son of inspector Umet Ekwe serving in the community.

It was also reported that Kelechi was arrested, detained, tortured, denied bail and starved to death by the police.

The mystery surrounding his death is yet to be unraveled as a rope was found round his neck like someone who committed suicide in the police cell…

According to reports, the police DCO, Eze Brendan Ikechukwu from Nsukka area of Enugu state is said to have been in contest with the late Kelechi over a girl (name withheld) from Abaomege.

So when the prince was arrested, he reportedly took advantage of that to deal with his rival, the late Kelechi, according to the deceased’s friend.

Meanwhile, all the police officers involved including the inspector’s son have been arrested and taken to Abakaliki, the state capital by the commissioner of police.




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